Undercover female of the group, Lee has owned a number of car over the years her favourite being her first car, her Nova. After starting in the Nova she moved on to a Ka, a Focus, a Swift Sport then finally back to her Nova (not before it was stripped, painted, lowered and had a set of BBS rims and some carbon touches thrown at it). The Nova performed daily duties and the odd show, until it suffered major engine failure late last year.

The Vento was the first out and out show car, now currently off the road as well. It was satin grey (originally an emergency measure!) and rolling on chrome powdercoated Mitsubishi L200 wheels with smoothed bumpers and a black leather MK1 Leon Cupra interior. It will be back some day though, with engine overhaul, respray and some other bits and pieces planned!

Lee also bought a purple VR6 Corrado, intending to break it and put the engine into the Vento – but it could make an appearance on the road sometime soon too!

As if she needed another car – current daily hack is a B3 Passat – which did a few shows on the L200 rims this summer, but is now back to rolling on steels for a more comfortable day-to-day ride.




Swift Sport



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