Starting car life with a Vauxhall “back in the day”, 2 years was spent cruising in a very vibrant JCB Corsa which was followed up by a satin green 6N Polo.

With the mk2 giving up on the daily grind around Christmas 2013 a mk3 GTi stepped up as a replacement daily wip. This car was staying standard and not being touched. So far it’s had a VR6 engine conversion, exhaust, full respray, has US markers in the bumper, a genuine BBS steering wheel and the engine bay tided and painted after a gear box swap. It is rolling on gold, face mounted BMW split wheels – so we can see that the ‘not modifying’ plan was well stuck to.

He is still apparently building a Polo although this is unconfirmed. Will the Polo see UD next year? Will it ever see the road again? With these new MOT laws in I’d say it’d be safer tucked up in the workshop. See the Polo at UD some year. Possibly. Don’t get your hopes up!




connor1 connor

otis1 calvin dorothi


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