Castlewellan 2017

It’s hard to know what to say about a show which has changed so little over the past 13 years. Now, while that may sound like a negative statement, Castlewellan is my favourite show is this country. I’m not really sure why but I suppose when you combine the blissful setting of a forest park, consistently good weather and an atmosphere that shakes off the jumped up scene kid attitude it has to be good, right?


Castlewellan seems to be as popular with the non-vag crowd as it is with its own and offers prearranged club stands and entries for the non-vag types. Two of the stand out vehicles from “this side of the carpark” had to be Andy Cooper’s Lotus Evora and Geddis’ bagged and Cummins converted 130 Land Rover. It’s not too often you will get to type that line!


The VAG side of things was the usual affair of old and new with the focus more on the older stuff as is common at this show. A special mention has to go to Nigel for getting his Corrado back out after 3 years off the road. Resting on some of Airlift’s finest with a VR6 turbo angrily turning it’s OZ Pegasus wheels it’s a car I have been looking to see for some time and it looked great.


I’ll give over now and go back to applying aftersun to my sunburned everything, click here for the pictures.


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