BOVC 2017

Every year I’ve been to BOVC’s meet at The Outlet in Banbridge I’m totally amazed by the cars tucked away in this country. Most of the cars in attendance are older classics owned by, shall we say, older people. You won’t have seen them plastered over Instagram or crying about not having got accepted to a show. Refreshing, eh?

Cast your mind back to the last time you seen three Jag E Types together never mind sharing a carpark with American Muscle or British Army Land Rovers which once roamed our own streets but that’s what we have here.

It’s also interesting to see oddities such as the cream Fiat Uno or the Rover 214 having survived. Neither were an overly popular car with enthusiasts and with prices being low for years many, including very clean examples, ended up as field cars. The fact some survived and are loved enough to be maintained to such a high standard is great.

One thing does bug me though, 90s cars being classics, albeit modern ones. I refuse to accept it and that’s only because it makes me feel old. I’m 28 and grew up surrounded by mk3 Escorts, GT4 Celicas and Novas. How can this be?! I still think my ’93 Golf is pretty modern as it has electric windows. Maybe I’m just weird…

Click here for the rest of the pictures


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