Banbridge Motor and Sport Car Show 2013

Last Sunday I took a spin to The Outlet for the Banbridge Motor and Sport Car Show. This year the chosen charities were NI Chest, Heart & Stroke Association and NI Children to Lapland Trust. It was a gorgeous afternoon and the car park was packed with spectators and shoppers.

All the usual club stands; Showerks, NI-Vaux, BHPNI, BCS, Japdreamz etc were in attendance.


There were also a number of old rally cars and American Muscle Cars, including my namesake the General Lee!


I was very excited to see them, as well as other local show cars I don’t see too often due to mostly frequenting Dub shows! There are lots of lovely old original/restored classic cars in Northern Ireland, you just don’t see them that often, so a show like this is a great opportunity to have a nosy round these hidden treasures.


The space for the show was quite small so it was a bit cramped but there was a good atmosphere and the craic was good, catching up with friends.









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