Cars at the Mill 2017

There’s nothing like driving a car to a show with 0 miles under the belt of its latest modifications. As much as I try avoid it I usually end up down to the wire and the road test is on the maiden voyage. It happened on the way to MLVW for the MK3s first outing after a total ground up rebuild, it happened going to FittedUK in Manchester last year after the engine went back in with a full paint/wire tucked bay and power steering delete and it happened again on the way to this year’s newest show, Cars at the Mill.

Picture the scene, 70mph *cough* on the outside lane of the motorway and you hear a loud crack from the front right wheel, you’ve just fitted air suspension (a kit built by yourself) and suddenly 1000 scenarios are racing though your head. Have I got steering? Have I got brakes? Have I just filled my boxers? A quick glance over my shoulder told me what I didn’t have. An arch liner, now decoratively scattered over the motorway in bits. Not the worst but still shit.

Arriving at the show calmed me a touch, getting to explore a new venue is as interesting as the cars for me. Set at Raceview Mill in Broughshane, an derelict mill recently converted into a business village, the show feels like many different shows in one. Each building has a different vibe to it and even the outside changes from alleyways lined with shop fronts to wide open courtyards.

The range of cars on display couldn’t have been better either. As much as I hate the phrase, there was something for everyone. Supercars, classics, stanced cars, performance cars, big budget, home built, it was all there. We even came across a group of classic bikes in one of the many show areas.

The prize giving consisted of a Top 5 selection with Car of the Show and runner up. A great option with so many potential categories to choose from keeping things short and sweet. A great day was had by us and here’s hoping we can do it again next year.

View the rest of the pictures here


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