Titanic Dubs 2016

Did the GTINI weather bubble finally burst? With gales and heavy rain forecast for Saturday everyone kind of thought the usual would happen and a miracle would keep us all dry. While the wind and rain flickered between light and heavy it wasn’t just as bad as it was to be. A small consolation?


The NI Volkswagen show closer still drew plenty to cars from far and wide with some spectacular cars on display.


If you’re an old fixture of the local scene then Phil Guiney pulling up in a body dropped, T25 crew cab on hydraulics will not be a surprise to you.


Another car that instantly caught my attention was the Mars Red mk1 Jetta. Driving in I could hear the distinctive rip of carbs feeding with a KR engine.


Unfortunately the wonderfully dire weather caused a shortage of pictures on my behalf but the general word was the day was still a success. I suppose it’s off to the garages to tear down the cars for next year. I know that’s our plan,

Picture Gallery


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