The right Fit?

As I scraped my way into the metallic underbelly of the Belfast to Liverpool boat on the Friday evening I got a flutter in my stomach. Here I was, off to a show across the water and while I’ve done this on more than a few occasions before this was the first time doing so with my own car to show in over seven years.

Although it was only a 40 minute drive from the boat to FittedUK’s first indoor event I was on such a high that I could have driven across the country and back. Unfortunately my mk3 wasn’t feeling as up to that idea so he dropped off a cylinder to put a stop to my silly thoughts.


Once at the show and after a quick wash we headed inside to set up our stall in one of the biggest show venues I’ve ever been in. Throughout the day the space in the hall gradually shrunk, taken over by cars, bikes, trade stands and plinths for stand-out cars.

The mixture of cars at this show is unlike anything I’ve seen before. German rubbed shoulders with Jap, nothing unusual there you’ll say but how many shows mix in American muscle, Morgan 3 wheelers, bagged Hillman Imps and Ginetta G15s with these?


One thing that was in abundance was extreme camber and something I’m personally not a fan of. I’m not one to shy away from impractical stance but I don’t even think it looks well nevermind how it drives. Maybe I’m just old or maybe the next big thing in stance will be extreme wheel alignment. Either way I’m sure tyre fitters will be making a small forture.

Of the hundreds on show, 3 of the top cars for me strangely were all built by 3 friends. The Low Collective guys had a carbed mk2 more door, a mk4 on carbon wheels and a Bora with a SRI’d 24v swap on show. These 3 cars were finished to an incredible standard and are an example of what top cars should be like.


The non VAG favourite for me had to be the bagged Imp. Top marks for having the vision to build something so different to the norm.


A big thanks has to go to the FittedUK team for having us over and congrats on hosting a show with a feeling like it has just kicked its way right into the middle of the “must do” show season calendar.

Click below to see our show pictures

GTINI SS2 G1 copyGTINI SS2 G2 copy


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