JCC 2016

As much as I am into Volkswagens, it’s a well kept secret of mine that I keep a watchful eye on the JDM scene. A lot of it fascinates me and allows me to draw on ideas for my own cars, a lot of it I just struggle to understand.

While Jap car popularity has never left this country it certainly took a nose dive around the mid to late noughties. The raging fires set by The Fast and the Furious were dying off, low, slow and clean were taking over. 

But once again the tides are turning carrying with them the enthusiasts who want to be driving what’s current. Current being Jap cars. I’m not saying this is a bad thing but it certainly changes things within different scenes and is a major boost for the “current”. Look at the demand for the “non vag” section at Dubshed, populated mostly by Japanese cars, a lot of which are owned by ex-VW drivers. 

The show itself is in its first year and is clearly finding it’s feet. It certainly may not have been the most polished of shows this year but it certainly put on an eclectic mix. Greeting you at the entrance were an early model Celica and Lancer, the latter of which I’d never seen before. Carrying on through the hall a creamy Pao and bright white Nissan Sunny Coupe added to the cars I never knew existed and despite the Sunny being fwd it had a certain charm to it.

Adam Osborne’s dropped Forester never fails to make me smile and Barry Toland’s Supercharged Type R with it’s new red coat or the white over black Toyota Levin probably stole the show for me.

It’ll be interesting to see JCC return next year, learning and growing from what came before and raising the bar in standard of cars.
Full Gallery

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