Castlewellan 2016

Castlewellan. GTINI’s original show. Dubshed might be the big one and Titanic Dubs the season closer but Castlewellan is the original. Running 13 years now it has a reputation for being a relaxed family day out.


It’s hard to say really why it is so universally popular but it attracts young and old; that’s both people and cars. This year seen everything from the latest Golf Rs down to aircooled buses and Beetles. Some of the standout VAG cars for me had to be John Moag’s VR6 mk2, Gavin Black’s A8 and anything from the line of Quattros.


On the upper side of the hill sat some impressive metal. Dotted around the club stands were two well known Resto-mod Ford Cosworths and a mk1 SR Nova. A big part of the appeal for Castlewellan for me is the invited club stands as it gives me a chance to see cars like these I wouldn’t normally.


GTINI always try to change it up when it comes to their trophies and working with our own Brian produced these incredible examples below. I don’t think I’ve ever seen trophies cooler or more fitting than these.

This year is the first I’ve taken part in the Limbo and I have to say it’s highly addictive. After getting 13 people on and in the car I was as low as I could get and had to call it quits.

Check out all the photos from the show here


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