MLVW: The difficult second album?

This time last year we were reviewing MLVW’s first show while mid gearbox swap and engine bay make over due to a slight mishap with my mk3 involving a seized gearbox. This year I can happily report my latest mk3 made it there and back all by itself. Is that really something to be proud of???

Anywho, after a convoy down country we pulled into the show and were greeted by the friendly faces of the MLVW folks who had us parked up and ready to meander around the show. Once again the strangely beautiful surroundings of Mullingar Army Barracks add to the relaxed atmosphere that seems to have lingered from last year’s show.

Much to my delight there were more old school cars than new wave. Mk3s are making a serious rise in popularity and the south is in no short supply of them. A certain Florida blue mk1 with an open air roof and original Syncro mk2 also caught my eye but my personal favourite has to be the RM shod mk2 Scirocco. This car makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside which is impressive for a model that usual gives me a feeling more akin to sea sickness or a good boot in the balls.

That isn’t to say new wave cars were not well represented. Fitted State had an impressive fleet of modern cars with them, our own Matt and Brian brought a factory fresh Mk7 GTI and B8 A4 not to mention the crowd was dotted with Octavias, Boras and Mk5s.

Prizes were based on a ten of the best system presented from a “shabby chic” Mk1 shell which caught my attention most of the day. There’s something nice about seeing a car stripped to the bare basics and being able to see its inner workings.

To finish off, a special and unashamedly selfish mention has to go to Genuine who picked up one of the prizes with his Atlas Grey more door mk2. It’s great to see a simple car with a few OEM touches not getting overlooked, especially if it belongs to a friend. Go team!


See the full gallery of pictures here




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