Peer pressure strikes again

It’s probably no secret that I’m quite susceptible to peer pressure when it comes to cars. It’s also no secret that the last thing I need is another car. So when a tatty mk3 cab appeared for sale on Facebook and I was promptly tagged by a few of the usual suspects I should have ignored it. I didn’t though and here is the result, one mechanically sound cab let down by its bodywork:


Having it home I convinced myself I’d have been an idiot to miss out on this car. Sure the electric hood was in good condition, it had a glass rear window and the electric windows all worked. What more could you want? Maybe some money in my bank account?

A lofty budget of fuck all was set as the goal and we got to work. Lee scored some 16″ Renault steels on Ebay and her tyres were slung onto them. My plan of using coilovers I already had didn’t go to plan so a new set were ordered up. While waiting on them arriving a quick spruce up was the plan. Two new wings were fitted and after a quick scuff up the car was taped up and shot with the finest of army green (don’t ask where that came from…)

Next up a crowd of us attacked it fitting the coilovers, cleaning the hood, fitting the wheels and rebuilding the car. Below is the result:

So in summary I’ve not only ended up with another car, I’ve ended up with an even more impractical car than Otis my other mk3. Turns out cab sills are seriously deep and don’t mix well with 16s or ramps. Ah well, time for some Summer fun.


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