Maxwell Charity Car Show 2016

There aren’t too many families around with enough cars to put on their own show and I’d guess even fewer willing to invite people to show their cars along side their own in their garden.


As with every year the main focus is to relax, catch up with everyone and have a laugh while gathering a few quid for charity. Leave your bullshit scene attitude at home because some auld fellas will laugh at you with your broken suspension and trousers that fit worse than your wheels.



The main theme of the day is old school motoring dotted with the odd modern car and with the Maxwell family involved that’s sure to be mostly Volkswagen/Audi and Volvos. While the German side of things would be my preference it’s certainly nice to get a nosy round the likes of the mk1 Escort which is only getting to be a rarer sight these days.


While the day is open to anyone and everyone, you do get the odd surprise turning up. I never expected to see two cars straight from the Land of the Free. The first was a Cadillac with the presence of a small ship which had been dropped in the middle of the yard and the second was a Trans Am which I was mentally building into a KITT replica.


If you didn’t get to come this time make sure to mark it in your diary because it really is worth it for a great day out.

CLICK HERE for the rest of the days photos


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