Harmony Hill 2016

Saturday morning I decided to head down to Harmony Hill and take a few pictures. Being honest, I’d never been before, so not knowing what to expect I allowed myself about 2 hrs to run around and take a few pictures and clear off again.


The first thing that hit me about the show was the vast array of cars on show. Lines of rally cars front 70s to 90s mixed with Mini vans, Japs both modern and classic and even the rusty Fords of Mark King and Paul Wilson.


Just a quick note on Mark’s “Snot Rocket”. It’s great to see such a car on these shores. Built by legendary tuner Reyland Motorsport it’s a mk1 Mondeo with Escort Cosworth underpinnings. If you’ve seen Mark’s thread on this car you’ll know it’s in the right hands with a “quick tidy” being more extensive than most peoples’ “rebuilds”. I suppose that’s Ford bufties for you though…


A slight confession on my part is that of the 2 hours or so I’d allowed myself to take a few pictures I spent about 1 hour 50 mins talking to people meaning my photos are somewhat lacking. Saying that, although this was my first year at Harmony Hill I certainly won’t be my last.



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