PSA: Tyre Stretch Regulations

You’re browsing your local forum and you fancy stirring up some shit but don’t fancy typing too much. How do you do this? Well in the past 8 years or so there are two words used together that are sure to bunch up some internet based panties; Tyre stretch.

ds13 04
Tyre stretch is nothing new. It’s been around for decades in both the Japanese drifting scene and the German car scene. Some people love it, some people hate it and some people push the limits of it to the extreme. The blame for this trend of extreme tyre stretch seems to fall at the feet of the VW crowd but it seems to me when it came into the mainstream and “ordinary” car folk caught onto it the boundaries started to get pushed (or stretched). These people are the reason we get so much hassle for it and with the law being a beautiful shade of grey in this area unfortunately getting pulled over always resulted in a “heated debate” about the legality of how the tyres sat.

Be it good or be it bad this issue finally appears to be addressed somewhat. On reading it you’ll see that it’s not laid out 100% in black and white but it’s a good start in my opinion.

*Spoiler alert* Unless you’re into seriously stretched tyres you should be happy enough.

Click the link below to make up you’re own mind:


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