Move over Barry Scott…

OCD. Three letters so overused they have almost lost all meaning. Robin Ashfield seems to have taken it upon himself to redefine the meaning of them for himself; Obsessive Car Detailing.

I know plenty out there love cleaning their cars but personally I hate it. This year, having shown a car for the first time in years, my hatred for the task found itself well renewed. My first show in Mullingar had me break out the quick detailer and a cloth, hand it to Genuine and, as much as it killed him, let him work away with it

In total contrast to this, Robin’s most recent task puts me to shame. The picture below explains how his bay is kept so clean throughout the year, especially in a car that gets used and used hard.

Be sure to watch out for Robin’s R32 with its most recent additions when it reappears early next year.


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