Another Year Over

When it comes to shows, GTINI are most definitely a force to be reckoned with on these shores.

You’d think in a country this small 3 shows run by the same group of people would become very samey but somehow they manage to pull it off.

02 50

For those of you who haven’t been to Titanic Dubs before its the show closer of the year. With a relaxed atmosphere and based in the dry dock which once held the Titanic it’s one of those shows with surroundings you won’t find anywhere else.

555 14

Aside from the backdrop you can find a wide variety of cars from both North, South and over from Scotland meaning you’ll usually come across something you haven’t seen before.


After a week of spectacularly bad publicity for Volkswagen, it was nice to see the VAG scene is still thriving here. Though of course we couldn’t resist having a bit of craic at their expense!

titanic emissions 12071501_10154339164688228_497650342_n

So that’s the end of our show reports for this year, hopefully we’ll have some positive progress reports from the workshop over the winter. With 5 cars in the ShedSixty2 pipeline for overhauls will the Polo ever see the light of day?? Watch this space…

Full Titanic Dubs gallery here


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