NI BMW Charity Show 2015

When we started shedsixty2 it was decided that we would never be about one brand of car. Saying that most of us drive nothing but Volkswagens and most of our reports are VW related; until now that is!

We attended NI BMW’s annual charity show with Otis (my mk3) and 10 others showing on the invited GTINI stand. With what can only be described as horrendous weather the night before and that morning the show was put back a few hours to let the rain die down a bit and it was a chance that paid off. Numbers seemed strong throughout the day, something the weather can do damage to in this country and even the Ford bum boys (specifically head bummer Paul Wilson) took a few years off the life of their cars to let them out in the wet.

The range of cars was impressive with a fine mix of modern and old school Bavarian metal, both available in standard and heavily modified options. A few stand out cars for myself had to be the bagged E30, the evil looking E64 6 series and Andy’s incredibly clean E28.

If like ourselves you haven’t yet attended this show make sure you do next year. If you’re a BMW fan or not there’s bound to be something to catch you’re eye, even if you like kitted out Laurel’s doing smokey burnouts…

Full gallery here


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