Different Strokes

After NI BMW’s charity show Gethin asked me to take a few pics of our mk3s together. If you seen my latest Instagram post I said about the similarities of the 2 cars but even at first glance they are as different as they are alike.

Both cars are home built, run static on face mounted 17s, have 6 pot lumps banging away in tidied and tucked engine bays and are driven like they should be.

Looking beyond these similarities though there are just as many differences. Gethin’s 6 cylinder is the more modern 24v item with a turbo strapped to it, it was built to be an occasional use car (I’m reluctant to say show car if you see how he drives this) and is a later model car with colour coding and US bumpers.

In contrast to this my car is a converted 12v with a lick of paint, was built to use and abuse as a daily (or as daily as you can get when you’ve a work van) and is an early model with textured bumpers, arches and trims.

There’s a plan hatched to do a proper shoot of a few mk3s in a similar vein to this similar but different theme so if mk3s are your bag no matter what your taste there’ll be something to appeal to you.

Click here to see the high res images


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