VAGE Fermoy 2015

Last weekend we made our usual trip with GTINI down to Fermoy, Co. Cork for the VAGE show.

There were 9 cars in our convoy – nearly all 6 cylinders – 2 MK3 VR6s, a VR6 Corrado, a Mk4 R32, Mk5 R32, even a 6 cylinder diesel Mercedes! We have joked in the past about changing our name to ShedVR62! Also joining us were 3 very different TTs. With around 2000 horses between us you can probably imagine it wasn’t exactly a leisurely drive!


As usual, we stopped overnight in Cahir and had our traditional drinks in The Hill Inn. After an excellent breakfast in the B&B, which most of us managed to eat this year, we started out towards the show.

TJ joined the convoy in his supercharged 24v Jetta, adding another 6 cylinders to the tally. It was looking awesome on new 17″ RSs which we had all been looking forward to seeing.

tj jetta

A fairly uneventful drive down – if you don’t count some people getting stuck in the toll plaza and Robin nearly getting stuck in the car wash…

The show is held at the Cork Marts just outside Fermoy, a handy location for coming straight off the motorway. Of course our favourite thing about the venue is the carvery lunch, which was delicious as always!

ricky and tj

Sadly, the show was smaller this year than it has been previously. It was a real shame, as it is not a bad show. It was just unfortunate that there were other events on the same day and it clashed with a lot of peoples summer holidays.

Of course people have a lot of other work and family commitments and it’s impossible to go to every show, but I love going to Fermoy and catching up with those ‘once a year’ friends. I think its good to go and support a club who have always been good to us.

Probably the main reason some of us go is the dinner and drinks on the Saturday night in Cahir. But the show is the whole point and the reason we all get together in the first place. We had great craic chatting to everyone and meeting some new people. We got talking to a guy after a discussion over how to pronounce the name of his wheels. I still think it’s Neanderthal!


There was still plenty to see –  there were quite a few old Beetles, including the amazing Bugly, who rolled in later in the day.


Another cool ‘rat’ in the form of a modern Transporter van turned a lot of heads.


There were also a few nice Mk1s, like this diesel one, which was for sale and tempted Stefan!


At prize giving, we were lucky enough to receive a trophy for nearly every car on our stand!

Brian’s black TT was Runner Up in the TT class and also picked up Best Stance

Janice’s white TT on  won Best TT and Best Wheels

Robin’s super clean R32 claimed Best Mk4 and Best Engine Bay

TJ picked up Best Mk2 Jetta

Mark’s Red VR6 won Best Corrado

Phils R32, which had just had its new wheels fitted got Best Mk5

Last but not least, Connor was very surprised (though none of the rest of us were!) to be awarded Best Mk3.


After the show was over we set off for home in a few separate groups. Connor and I were in his green VR6 and Matt and Lucy in the red Mk3 VR6. We cruised home together at a gentler pace. (Though they couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with a randomer in a Mk5!)

The Golf also managed to make it home under its own power this time which was an added bonus! I had my AA card with me as a precaution though!

We really enjoyed the show again this year and it will definitely still be on my list for next year 🙂

Full picture gallery here


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