Castlewellan 2015

After spectacular gear box failure at MLVW, it didn’t look like the Golf was going to make it to Castlewellan this year after all. But with the help of some amazing friends, late nights and sheer determination, the replacement gearbox was fitted in just 4 nights (including the loss of a nights work to drive up country to pick up a new gearbox which ended up being scrap!)

Not only that, but the guys managed to paint the bay and the engine, wire tuck, delete coolant hoses,  move the battery to the boot and do all the refitting, bleeding etc that comes with an engine in/out job.


What an achievement in less than a week! I can hardly believe it myself – and I was there! I can’t say enough about what incredible friends we have; it would never have been done without them.

That’s what the car thing is all about for me – friends hanging out, helping each other out, working at cars and having great craic.


That brings me neatly to Castlewellan show – which is a day dedicated to friendship and chilling out with your mates in a lovely forest park – with some stunning cars thrown in for good measure. There’s not much I can say about Castlewellan that I, or others, haven’t said before. That’s not to say that it is in any way repetitive or boring – just that it’s a winning formula; a super chilled out day, catching up with friends, and making some new ones, BBQ and always lovely sunny weather! I have laughed all weekend, from the camping the night before – to hanging out in the back of the Caddy at the show.


Shed Sixty2 had a great turnout: Connor’s Golf, newly rebuilt, looking amazing and drawing serious attention – a real credit to him and the rest of the guys who have helped out. My Passat was there, for (sadly) probably its last outing on the 6 stud wheels and Lucy’s Caddy, which was a great place to sit! Also representing was Genuine’s super clean  grey Mk2 – fresh from MOT, Richie’s A4 Avant on some snazzy new (large!) shoes, Nelly’s cool US spec Mk5 on Bentleys and Niall’s BBS shod Octavia VRS. Matt’s recently purchased VR6 and Stefan’s Merc held down the fort back on the campsite.

There was an even higher standard of cars than ever this year, the Mk3 game being especially strong.  As always, there was a great variety of new and old cars, which is one of my favourite things about Castlewellan.


I have seen so many Facebook posts after this weekend, remarking on the laid back atmosphere and what a great time they had just chilling and hanging out with friends. There is none of the ‘scene bitching’ that comes along with other shows. All the clubs come along and people show their cars, with no real worries about prizes or ‘scene points’

If only it could be like that all the time – Fitted State, I Love Bass, Shed Sixty2, GTINI, Lets Stance, etc etc… we all have our own tastes and opinions, but we are all united by our mutual love of cars. We shouldn’t hate and bitch, there’s enough division on this island already!


Anyway, before I go too High School Musical on the subject, I’ll wrap up by saying thanks again to the GTINI crew for another brilliant Castlewellan, and look forward to more craic over the summer working at cars with some great people!

View the full gallery here


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