MLVW 2015

024 In a time when it seems that GTINI have it pretty much wrapped up when it comes to shows on this small island (bar VAGE in Fermoy) it should have been a “roll your eyes” moment when it was announced that there was to be another show to be held in Mullingar. When I heard MLVW were hosting this it held some strange allure over me. I don’t know why though as I never had any dealings with the guys but if their dedication to this show was as strong as their dedication to other shows (have u seen one these guys don’t attend?) then it was lining up to be a winner.

Our convoy rolled into the barracks around 11am after giving the cars a clean and parked up. The setting of the barracks with its quiet surroundings and greenery gave the show a very relaxed feeling with more than a handful making comparison to GTINI’s Castlewellan show.This was the first outing since my Golf had its slight make over but not all went to plan (think impromptu photoshoot during a 2 hour wait for a breakdown truck) but I’ll be writing about that shortly.


The show itself was well received and most first shows are a make or break event. I hope that MLVW starting well is a sign it will go from strength to strength. With the MLVW guys at the wheel I’ve little doubt of this happening.

 Also I’d like to add it was nice to meet some of the lads during my misfortune who were more than welcoming and tried their best to help me out.

If you fancy a relaxing show and didn’t make it this year make sure you do in 2016 as it’s set to get bigger and bigger.

View Picture Gallery Here


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