It’s Gona Be Legend … wait for it … Maiden City

Those stupid memes. You know the ones I mean, usually along the lines of “that look when people ask when my car will be ready”. If you’ve a project car no doubt you’ll have been tagged in one of these. I usually get tagged in the same one twice a day and I’m sure Derry/Londonderry/Maiden City man Mark McGuinness aka MrSparkles1 gets the same. But while it may be a few years in the making, to use a well known cliché, good things come to those who wait.

Mark asked us to call up for a look round his Golf and “a few beer” and naturally I took advantage of this and grabbed my camera. The “few beer” turned into a session (it’s never just a few beer) and photos became a distant afterthought but what we managed to get should give an insight into what should be hitting the show scene next year.

If you have ever attempted a smooth bay you will know it is no mean feat no matter what the car, but to do it in a car with which it is relatively new territory can cause so many headaches. That’s not to mention keeping a modern TDi lump with miles of electronics and vacuum lines in there.

The sole focus for Mark has become the bay (something I can relate to) but no matter how good it is it’s going to be hard to overshadow those OEM look wide arches tucking 11s out back.

Interior wise sees a mix of fast road style up front with subtle air and ICE install in the back. The Bride buckets and harnesses work well with the rear seat delete and AirLift V2 management and just like the rest of the car, all his own work.

Keep an eye out on Mark’s Instagram (mrsparkles1) for more updates as he progresses with this incredible home build.


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