Titanic Loves

Another year, another Titanic Dubs to finish out the show year. As I get older this show closer seems to get sooner and sooner which is quite scary. It seems no time from people were buzzing about going to Ultimate Dubs which in recent years has become the show opener to unveil new cars at in the UK.


Titanic Dubs must have done something right in its short life span because Paul Evans chose to show his little seen Turbo R36 engine’d Mk4 R32 fresh from getting bagged that week and Marky came out with a Mk4 on the opposite end of the scale in full on diesel race car mode. I’m a big fan of Paul’s car as it has quite an American feel to it having both a lot of show and a lot of go. And a lot of stop judging by those subtle calipers. This combination I find is somewhat lacking here with modern VWs but hopefully the likes of Paul’s car and Bert’s tractor pull spec mk5 can influence people in that way.


As ever the show was a mix of new and old, fast and slow and OEM to highly modified with Mk1 and Mk2 chassis cars down the far end together for a retro gathering. More importantly the Mk3s were my responsibility with them having their own little wonderland area. I like to think it was a nice reserved area for them to be shown in all their glory, Lee reckons it was to keep them as far from the salt water to stop them rusting any quicker.


By this stage you’re probably wondering about the title of this (or not if you were at the show) but Roo Reid (with the help of a well placed bunch of flowers down in the dry dock) proposed  in the dry dock and gained himself a Fiancé, a nerve wrecking enough experience without a few hundred people watching down on you from above.


To round off the day the GTiNI raffle Leon was drawn and is South bound to a new owner, a bid war for a VW cake was dominated by Paul “Diabetes” Evans and a “ten of the best” style prize set up saw a varied range of car go home with something including our own Nelly in his US spec Candy white mk5.

A full range of pictures can be seen HERE


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