Feature – Eugene McCann’s VW trike


I’m quite sure it’ll come as no surprise to anyone who has ever met me that I live and breathe for anything powered by the remains of T-rex and his other friends and again if you ever meet my dad you’ll notice he’s fairly fond of them too.

Quite a few people in the scene get grief from their families about the time and money spent on project cars and “daily drivers”. Cries of “you won’t see that money back” and “you ruined that good car” usually fall on deaf ears causing a wave of more grief. On the other side of the fence, a few grow up with families who actively encourage such activities of “squander” and “ruination” on vehicles with the parents sometimes out doing the younger generation whether it be in actually getting the work done or creating something totally balls out. I fall into this latter category.

ImageMr McCann senior was always into tearing apart anything with 2 and 4 wheels and rebuilding them. He’s messed about with everything from competing in the Circuit of Ireland to building custom bikes. So when his youngest son was starting to make noises about going to bike rallies the dilemma of only having space for one passenger on a bike crept into play.

He began looking at trikes, something he wasn’t overly fond of and purchased a metallic blue one based on a VW Beetle thinking it would do for the times that he had to use it. But aside from the obvious of having an extra wheel there was one thing that really bugged him and that was the colour, metallic blue was just the wrong shade of army green for him. So out came the satin black and green and everything got coated in the toned down hues, and the thing actually started to appeal then.

ImageThis is where it all spirals out of control, the frame was beefed out, the wheels split and widened, the front end upgraded and a rear wheel used to run a wider tyre, Beetle coilovers to assist the forks from dropping from heights and so on. These changes didn’t happen overnight, this trike has evolved over the past 12 years from something unloved and unwanted to one of his favourite toys.

Probably the biggest change though is the engine. The novelty of the 1200 engine soon wore off and it was swapped out for a 2.1 with a lot more kick behind it. This was fitted to the 1200 gearbox with the bell-housing being ground out for room for the bigger clutch and a hybrid flywheel being made up of the old and new one. This gave it some go to back up the aggressive looks. The best part of this swap being the insane wheelies this thing can pull (on private land of course) as evidence by the well worn frame rails under the engine.

ImageIt’s a cliqué in feature writing but there are honestly too many details and modifications to list on this trike. You can look around all day and spot things like the plastic baton rounds used as brake and clutch pedals, the grenade for a gear knob and outer casing of a pistol for a handbrake never might the engineering side of things to make it what it is but one thing is for sure about it, it grabs attention and confuses the shit out of people, especially when they learn it started life as a Beetle.

CLICK HERE for the full gallery of photos


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