Audi Doody

Resident Audiphile Brian owns an A4 Avant as a daily and a bagged TT for weekends, you would think all the boxes were ticked right? So why then does he go and buy a ’94 Audi Coupe between him and his dad? Maybe a few quick pictures from last night can answer that.

The car has never been a show queen but looking around the car it can be seen the car has been loved and is a credit to them and the previous owners for its condition after 20 years on the road.

The original wheels were fine but having a set of Speedlines sitting in the garage it would have been wrong not to refurbish them and wrap them in Bridgestone’s blackest circles.

Looking around the coupe it’s easy to pick up styling cues Audi carried through to Brian’s TT with the “shrek ears” mirrors and double hump on the rear seats which makes owning both cars all the better.

Despite the similarities, the over all look of this car couldn’t be further than Brian’s TT. You won’t find any airbags, wheels that “don’t fit”, stretched tyres or carbon details here. Just originally styling and mods to enhance the original lines or bring the car back to how it should.
07After all my rambling, I never set out to say anything about this car, just post a few pictures from last night but I couldn’t help myself because in a sea of cars and people trying to be famous and do the ridiculous, the above paragraph goes some way to explaining my love for this car.



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