MK1 Golf 40th Birthday


The original GTi, the MK1 Golf has a lot to answer for. It brought about the concept for manufacturers to raid the parts bins and lump a bigger engine into a smaller shell. Now yes we can argue that this had been watered down over the years (*cough* MK3 8v, 207 gti *cough*) but that’s for another day. What this is about, this is about Race Wars… no really, this is about the forerunner to the original GTi – the base model MK1 Golf.


40 years ago today the first of these rolled off the production line. These cars set the standard for Volkswagen’s new style of watercooled, front wheel drive cars, brought about to try save the Volkwagen brand from the dying sales of the Beetle compared to the more modern cars being built.


Over the 9 years of production the little mk1 one had various guises including a cab, Gti and saloon (Jetta) model all of which have seen extensive love and work over the years from serial dubbers continuing up until present day.


So it’s Saturday, when you’re having a drink tonight, have one for the birthday of the Golf that started it all.


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