Telford On My Mind

This time last year, the Shed Sixty2 contingent who made the trip to Ultimate Dubs were chilling out in a Travelodge somewhere outside Bangor, following a spirited drive through the Welsh mountains on our way home.

For most of us, this was the first time in several years that we haven’t attended, and this weekend has been full of “This time last year…” moments. Last night found Connor, Richie and I holed up in a workshop stripping Calvin the Mk2 and prepping for paint – not an unusual Saturday night for us by any means, but the conversation kept turning to the Telford season opener.


This morning, Brian visited us for Sunday breakfast and in between the munching of sausages and vegetable roll came interjections of “Do you remember…?” and “Have you seen such and such on Instagram?”

This time last year, I vowed never to go back to Ultimate Dubs. Nevertheless it has been a strange feeling to not be there, just seeing all the photos appearing in my news feed. I still haven’t decided if I will stick to my vow yet, but, judging by the reminiscing that has gone on in the past few days, you can bet there will be a strong Shed Sixty2 presence there next year, with or without me!

Here are some of our best bits from over the years:

UD13 4 UD13UD09 05IMG_0872dan02maggie 08mckimm02IMG_0684editcrop01tobygood1

483874_10152648795125333_779867083_n542668_10152648794535333_157910859_nNow I’m definitely in the mood for this year! Roll on Dubshed!


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