True Love

It’s not like me to post random pictures of cars but for this car I can certainly make an exception. Alex Wright’s ever evolving mk1 Golf  (or Golf GTi 16v G60 to give it its full title) is certainly one of my all time favorites and when examined in detail you can see why I love it so much.


The bodywork is shot in Helios Blue and is probably what shifts the car from good to great for me as it works so well with the gold centered magnesium BBS wheels.

Now running the still quite uncommon DIY 16v G60 hybrid engine based on the engine Volkswagen put into only 70 cars is impressive but matched with this static ride high is awesome. I can hear the purists crying about how it’s a waste and can’t be used at that height but let them build their own and leave Alex to enjoy his example how he likes.

Alex-Wrights-16v-g60-Mk1-Anna-Taylor-02MoreThanMore Mk1 16v G60


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