Old Times Sprucefield Meet

When Dee posted about having a reunion night like the meets we used to have a few years back I’m sure I wasn’t the only one with more than a passing interest. Back then what started as the Monday night dub meet at Sprucefield slowly transformed into a huge meet for cars of all makes and models drawing people from as far as Omagh and Enniskillen.

004 copy

The few days leading to the meet saw weather change from blistering heat to thunder storms and the day of the meet was no different but oddly the weather held off all over Sprucefield until after 12 midnight. Result!

001 copy

The weather in other areas didn’t put many off though with an estimate of a few hundred cars showing up ranging from rumbling VXR8s and supercharged Civics to static slammed MR2s and bagged Golfs and a few guys with big installs providing some background music for the masses.

006 copy

Oddly, although we still see a lot of the people involved in the original meets, it was odd reminiscing about how things had changed both car wise and home wise with lots getting married, having kids, swapping insurance friendly small engines for huge turbo one and cheap coilovers for the latest bag set up.


With things winding down in the evening and the batteries run dry in the remote drift cars the weather finally caught up with Sprucefield meaning we packed it in around 12 and headed home.

009On the success of the night there is talk of a few more meets in the next few months meaning only one thing, McDonalds are gonna hate us again!

More pictures from the night here


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