Yankee Candle

Resident wanabe yank Mr Fatman, aka Stefan, has been building a rear axle to rival all rear axles (or seemingly so by the time he’s taken with it :P). With a few days off he decided to finish off his 5 stud conversion and finally get his rims on.


The new axle was completely rebuilt with Powerflex bushings, brand new bearings, stub axles, stainless steel lines and mk4 rear calipers.


The final piece in all this was to get the lot built up and fit the staggered Corvette rims via way of shiney new Adaptec adaptors. With that all done it was time to take some pictures and cruise for bitches (or in our case down to Oxford Island to look at the ducks)



006Next up is a serious amount of bodywork and a lot more US parts.


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