Show Sunday

Today was a pretty busy day for the NI car scene with a variety of activities to choose from including the rescheduled UCS in Larne, OXO 13 and Andrew Maxwell’s (of GTINI) annual charity show.

With Connor working and the rest of the Shed Sixty2 crew otherwise engaged, I decided to go and check out Andrew’s show and support my fellow Maxwells! I intended to have my L200 wheels back on for the day, having bought a few new bolts to replace knackered ones on the adapters, but a late night road trip to Bangor to pick up wheels last night put paid to that idea. Watch this space for more on the new wheels later!

I had planned to call in to OXO at Lough Neagh on the way but I was late getting on the road and it was raining in Lurgan when I left so I decided to head on up the road and hopefully leave the rain behind.

I had never been before so didn’t really know what to expect, all I knew was it was held at Andrew’s house, somewhere near Moneyreagh, in the yard and garden. The drive up went pretty smoothly, I only got lost twice (thank you Apple Maps!) the first clue to the location being 3 Land Rovers parked at the roadside.


The show started a few years ago for Andrew’s family and friends giving them a chance to show off their impressive collection of retro cars and raise a bit of money for charity. It has grown over the past few years, a little smaller this year probably due to the delightful NI weather but still definitely worth the trip.

Andrew’s family were so friendly and welcoming, as well as the familiar GTINI faces, that I soon forgot that I had come alone. Andrew’s sister was roped in to selling tickets for the raffle Lupo, while his parents put on a brilliant spread of hot dogs, ice cream sliders and birthday cake. His younger brothers also kept everyone entertained showing off their collection of ride on lawn mowers and giving the young attendees rides around the garden.


When Nigel and Gethin arrived later in the afternoon, having been to OXO in the morning, I was treated to a spin in Nigels RS6, an incredible piece of kit!


When we got back I met Nigel’s son, who proudly chatted about his dads car. This young lad is a petrol head in the making, he asked me to do my best car noise and at one point turned to me with a look of disgust and said “Have you seen the new M5?”

Luckily the weather held out for the afternoon, though it threatened rain a few times it stayed dry, even without the presence of the resident GTINI witch doctor. Thanks again to Andrew and his family for a brilliant, chilled out day and great craic.



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