Hackel’s VW Service, Albany, NY


Back in Febuary while Lee was sitting the NY Bar Exam I found myself bumming around Albany city exploring and killing time. Heading out of town I spied a semi built mk1 sitting outside a shop so in my typical fashion I bailed off the bus in search of it and it’s owner.


Stepping into Hackel’s yard I realised I’d stumbled upon more than a mk1 Golf but a full VW service yard with everything from aircooled Beetles to modern waterpumpers. I met Bob who owned the place and he showed me around and explained that he had a hatrid of anything watercooled but I might be interested in meeting his grandson Bobby whos bagged and bbs equipped VR mk4 was up on the ramp.


I travelled back to meet Bobby the following day and take a few pics of his mk4 but sadly it wasn’t there so I took a few shots around the place. It was nice to meet two genuine guys (made even better by the fact they were grandfather and grandson) who took the time away from what they were doing to chat to a total stranger with similar interests.


Oh and just as a footnote, Bobby is a fourth generation Bob Hackel and races for the family race team. Get a look here and see how he’s doing




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