Having A Blast

While I’d the weekend off work I really should have used the opportunity and had 2 solid days at the Polo but when there was talk of shooting a few clays I thought fuck it and missed a day.

While the weather held off well for us there was no doubt there was a definate chill in the air. Both traps were set up for a few different birds as both crossers and down the line with guns being able to shoot from the ground or the top of the container.

And of course when Ciaran started to show off some trick shots including shooting from the hip, upside down and one handed it wasn’t long before the other show offs had to out-do him too.

As it darkened down the stove was lit and the day finished off with a few tasty burgers cooked over it while Brian finished off painting his winter wheels.

So will the Polo ever get finished? Not with anymore weekends off like this.

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