Wake Me Up When Sepmember Ends…

When GTINI announced their ‘mystery’ show back in July at Castlewellan, there was much excitement and speculation abounded as to where this ‘Belfast City Centre’ location would be.

Unfortunately when the flyers for Titanic Dubs, to be held in the Titanic quarter, finally appeared – they contained a small spelling mistake. Naturally, with the level of abuse the GTINI boys normally dish out, we couldn’t just let them get away with it – hence our big orange scene stickers. “Sepmember!”


For those who have been living under a rock, this year marks the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic, then the worlds largest liner, which was built in Belfast. Some people have remarked that only we could make such a big deal about something that was such a spectacular failure – but she was fine when she left here – tail light warranty and all that!

There have been lots of special events held around and about the Titanic quarter this year. Being from Northern Ireland and not ‘bloody tourists’ of course we havent been to any, but GTINI were able to secure the Pump House and Dry Dock area as the location for their third show this year!

The venue was excellent – the cars were parked around the top of the Dry Dock, with the pump house, the new buildings in the quarter and the famous, yellow H&W cranes providing a spectacular backdrop.

Apart from the cars there was an opportunity to tour the Pump House, to see the huge steam powered pumps which took only an hour and a half to shift 21 million gallons of water, and also to go down into the dock itself. There was food laid on and a track for off road RC cars, as well as the usual trade stands – with Performance 360’s Revo mapped Audi R8 attracting a lot of attention. So, plenty to do for owners and spectators which was a welcome change from some shows.


After parking the cars up, unfortunately on a kerb, we put out our new Shed Sixty2 signs – courtesy of our resident arts & crafts man, Brian. We walked around, chatted with the usual suspects and enjoyed the chilled out atmosphere of the show.


Being the end of the show season, there were a lot of cars that have been seen often this year. But there were still a few things that we hadnt seen before – a lot of Mk1 owners from Ireland and Wales made the trip – as well as a few new touches and updates to existing show cars.


The Titanic Dubs show is proof that the traditions of engineering and ingenuity are still very much alive in Northern Ireland, having been passed down from the thousands of shipyard workers who built the greatest ships of the age. At the end of the day, attendees were invited to go down into the Dry Dock for a group photo and walk in the footsteps of those men.

As always, the show was a credit to the organisers, GTINI and they got the weather as usual! The prize giving was short and sweet, in keeping with the relaxed atmosphere and was a brilliant end to a brilliant year.

For full photo gallery click here

For slideshow click here

Hopefully we’ll have a lot of progress reports and updates over winter but we’ll sign off the show reporting here – see you in March!

Lee & the ShedSixty2 Crew


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