Budget MK3 (pt.4) – …aftermath/result!?

So after cramming in the prep and spraying into about 8 hours the MK3 rolled out of the shed and into the sunlight with it’s new look. So here it is…

…thankfully the shed isnt too far from the parents place so a quick drive and it was back into my domain for a serious clean as the inside had got dusty. So grabbed a couple more shots…

Got to admit that am pretty pleased with the outcome all considering the time frame to which it was done.

Since getting but to the England the paint has settled a bit more and it’s looking great – though some touch ups are required to improve the finish but I was expecting this and thankfully still have 3 or so tins left! 😉

The plans now…is to wind the coilovers down some more as there is still play…a new drivers front wing and then roll both front arches as rears are already done. Also will be sorting the audio but it will be a make-do job for now as I have some goodies back home at the parental base camp!!

But… more importantly there’s talk of a new engine being built (again on budget) which am looking forward to as it’s an area that I haven’t spent any effort or time on with any of the past projects. For the meant time the 1.6 might get to see some bike carbs while the other is being built. Like all builds we put silly goals and deadlines to future plans and am liking the idea of returning to Edition this year with the engine n bay done, after missing it for numerous years now!! Realistic??? Nope but game on?? Yes! 😉


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