Budget Dub!! (pt.1)

So it’s been a while since I showed ‘face’ here on the blog…would like to say it’s due to the move to new adventures in England, but it’s more the hiding of shame from the whole Saxo experience!! lol!! The one good outcome that came from it was that I had one…and it’s now scrapped! Wait…is that not like most VTR owners over the years!?

…least mine was MOT n not totaled through a hedge PMSL!!

Anyways…with the move across the water I got back in contact with a good mate who is known as ‘Irish Chris’ …you can already imagine the confusion am making with folk lol!! He had a tight MK3 Golf and from the start I put my interest to him and after a while the car was up for grabs as he stepped up to a MK4 1.8T!! (more to come on that later!!)

So a hand shack and some cash I was back in the dub world (a place I wont leave again for some time). It’s not the craziest of wagons with it’s 1600cc but hell it gets me n the good lady about the Ellesmere Port area!

Here’s the car…

…simples but some nice touches here n there and more importantly for a classic Vento front!! But me being me I couldn’t and wouldn’t be content with it like so! Chris had some nice Porka 928’s for it but some kind neighbour slashing two tyres…so I got them sorted and back onto the car…

…being a new car and wheels just on I just drove it like so for a while to get it and myself settled into our new ways! Got to admit I was like a big kid behind the wheel again!! =)

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