Dubshed – Belfast – 2012

Sunday 25th March saw the Northern Irish show season kicked off in spectacular style with Dubshed at the Kings Hall, Belfast.

Ask anyone what makes Dubshed so special and you’ll be hard pushed to get the same answer twice. It seems everyone likes something different about the show put on by the GTiNI boys and that seems to be its trump card; something for everyone whether it be full rally prepared Golfs, high performance diesels, stanced Audis or just a daily driver with a few well thought out mods. With the show still in its infancy, this being the 3rd year, it has grown in leaps and bounds. This year saw the previous years main hall become the smallest hall and the outside arena go from daily drivers to out and out show cars. It doesn’t seem to matter if you’re parked inside or outside because somehow they always manage perfect weather too! It seems there’s nothing this show can’t bring to the table.

After some last minute phone calls asking us to do so, we brought the cars down on Saturday evening. Connor and I were lucky enough to be invited to Brian’s factory to use the hose and hoover (and get a wee tour of all the machinery!) before heading over to the hall. When we arrived we found to our delight that the GTINI boys had laid on a BBQ for us which was more than decent of them. Gethin, Nigel and the rest of the lads seemed to be having an excellent time zooming about in various machines! We put the cars into one of the new halls; the Nugent Hall, the largest of the indoor halls and had a sneaky look around at some of the other early arrivals and the newly painted raffle car – a green Mk3 Golf GTI with old school bronze rims.

The following morning we arrived early armed with buckets of cleaning gear and of course that essential piece of equipment – a compressor. It had been my first time actually driving on the L200 wheels and I had discovered a small problem with the tyres deflating! Thankfully the guys at the Blackwater Graphics stand let us leave it behind their stall until the end of the day so we didn’t have to manhandle it out to the car park again!

The Vento cleaned up pretty well, Brians TT looked stunning as always and rounding out the Shed Sixty2 stand was Big Mac’s yellow Leon which was freshly painted and looked great with the yellow interior and black wheels.

Connor and I had knocked together a quick sign for the stand the night before:

I liked it because it’s a bit rash, like us!

As for the show itself, I genuinely think it was one of the best I have ever been to and is a credit to Northern Ireland and the GTINI boys. There were cars from all over Ireland and even some English guys had made the trip. Lots of the cars were newly completed projects out for the first time, along with a few of the usual suspects.

One thing Dubshed has showed us is how strong the German car scene is in Ireland and the relaxed vibe seemed to suggest that maybe we all can get along when out from behind the keyboards… Must say a huge well done and thanks to the GTINI crew for an absolutely brilliant day. Can’t wait for Castlewellan!

When it came to the prize giving, there were a few familiar faces called up to the stage. It was a good day for Shed62 with 3 trophies coming home to the camp; Dan for runner up show and shine, Lee for Best Wheels and Niall for Best Lupo.

Congrats to my fellow show wieners!

Thanks to our good friend James @ JJM Photography for supplying us with this gallery of pics below.

Dubshed 2012 Gallery


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  1. Ben says:

    Class write up Lee!

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