Ultimate Dubs 2012

March rolls round pretty quickly for any of us VW nuts with a winter project. The reason; Ultimate Dubs. Set in Telford, UD is one of the UKs biggest and best indoor VW shows. With us being somewhat veterans of the show in our previous clubs it’s now got to be the one not to miss.

With the boat booked for ourselves, the NI Euro boys and a host of other friends who weren’t showing, we set off for the docks in Dublin with the only problems being a severe lack of sleep and window wipers.

Making it to Telford in one piece, no thanks to a low flying pheasant, we swiftly hit the bar for food and drinks to settle down for the next day of show prep. Saturday morning in the show hall saw: Niall and Jasy prepping the Lupo in the main hall, the NI Euro lads out with the buffs at the paint work, most of the Shed62 folks doing a few last minute touches and Lee and I practically rebuilding her Vento.

With the show (and hangovers) in full swing come Sunday morning the place was packed out. The new halls and layout of the show was a welcome change and seemed to make the place flow better. As ever Rotiform played a big part in the “big boys” show cars but likewise there were cars in both the clubstand hall and the carpark that would have drawn as much attention, if only for their originality and execution.

The newest hall with its plush carpet had an almost library feel to it. Upon walking in noise fell away to leave a sense of tranquility. Showing in here were top end cars with almost nothing missed when modified.

At prize giving then a welcome surprise was a certain Mr Phil Drew who picked up best Polo for his BMW Grey 6N example. It’s always good to see people we know picking up a prize, especially at a big mainland show.

Heading back up the road we kipped in the usual Premier Inn and once again trouble reared its ugly head. This time in the form of a a few break downs and a Welsh Police road block waiting for us for apparent drink driving. Needless to say no one was caught and off we went for the boat once again cursing the Premier Inn.

A quick boat trip home and it was all over. All in all it was an awesome weekend with a good bunch of people and I’m looking forward to next year already.

Check out pics in the link to Creaney’s Facebook


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