Keeping the Faith

Friday 9th March saw a large group of mad eejits in VAG cars (and a BMW) leave Newry to head for the Dublin boat. Destination: The International Centre, Telford for the first big show of the season; Ultimate Dubs 2012.
After weeks (months?!) of very late nights and early mornings the Vento was finally almost ready!
I think, in fact I have been told as much, that everyone thought Connor and I had lost the plot when we pulled into Newry on Friday morning with no rub strips on, steel wheels and most of the interior trim lying loose in the back seats. The leather roof had only been completed hours before, as well as the bumpers and rub strips only just having been sprayed. Oh yes, and we had just discovered about a mile outside of Newry that we had forgotten to put the wipers back on when rebuilding the car! Not great when you live in a country with as much rain as we do! Got some Rain-x in Halfords (which I can highly recommend by the way, its excellent) and Dan very kindly lent me a wiper off the Polo (thank-you!) and we were ready to hit the road.
The journey to Dublin thankfully passed without major incident and the crossing was a lot smoother than sailing in the Tsunami last year! Apart from my poor 1.4 8v struggling to keep up with the current crop of GTIs and 16v engines up the hills in Wales and one near miss caused by a suicidal game bird the convoy went fairly smoothly and we made it to Telford safely.

Saturday morning arrived, a little too early for my liking, and it was time to begin the cleaning frenzy. The Shed62 stand was next to NI Euro, so only our resident scene whore in the Lupo was missing and all the cars started to clean up very nicely. There was a lot of work to do (as everyone kept reminding us!) There had been many setbacks and fuck ups along the way but at least the car had made it this far under its own power and my many moments of despair and hopelessness had been overcome for now.
The Vento was duly jacked up, adaptors bolted on and then the 16″ Mitsubishi L200 wheels with their newly acquired and polished centre caps and nuts were finally revealed! Bearing in mind that these had never been test fitted with tyres on there was more than a little apprehension on my part but thankfully positivity paid off (for once) and they fit well. Connor and I fitted the rest of the trim pieces and rub strips, cleaned the glass etc and were still finished in good time after all. Luckily the hastily decided upon (Wednesday night) paint job was satin and didn’t need polished and waxed. Although really only meant as a temporary fix I am very fond of the grey. Reluctant though I am to have another satin car I am seriously considering keeping it long term…

Anyway, here’s how she ended up looking at Ultimate Dubs:


Both the Shed62 and NIEuro stands and Niall’s car in the other hall looked really well, I dont think any of us disgraced ourselves!

The Mitsubishi wheels on the Vento seemed to generate a fair bit of interest and discussion which is always good…hopefully! Overall I was happy enough, especially as a few days before it seriously looked as though the car wouldn’t be there at all. A massive thanks has to go to Connor and all the Shed62 crew without whose efforts and help it most definitely wouldn’t have been! Thankfully all the doubters (including me at times!) were proved wrong and I have been reminded to always keep the faith!

Of course no car project is ever truly finished and now that the first show is over there will be more work and more shows to come…Roll on Dubshed!


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2 Responses to Keeping the Faith

  1. Vilius says:

    Hi, how did you guys put those wheels on? Do you have any photos of the adapters?

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