Of course no trip away in modified cars would be complete without a spot of victimisation for simply being a group of young (ish…Fluff) drivers in modified cars. After treating us like shit for the same reason last year the Premier Inn staff decided to go one further this year and actually set the police on us. (Anyone else think we shouldn’t stay there anymore?!)
Obviously the Welsh Police have nothing better to do with their taxpayers money and duly despatched a couple of cars to come and lie in wait for us. As we entered the roundabout we were all pulled over, except Toner who managed to escape to a sandwich bar – a man of his stature needs breakfast you know!
Luckily we were all pretty much legal – a few missing numberplates here and there but who’s counting? – and the police passed no remarks on the various abusive remarks written on peoples bonnets, just breathalyzing the drivers and moving on.
In fact, the policemen were surprisingly dead on, when they got to me at the back of the queue they apologised for my having to wait and talked me through the process as I’ve never ben breathalysed before. Now I have another souvenir from the trip!

I think it winds us all up, being picked on for being young and driving lowered or different cars. I know I was particularly annoyed when the police started waving the ‘normal’ cars behind us past while we were all stopped at the side of the road like dicks. The few ‘boy racer’ (and girl racer) types have caused the rest of us to be demonized as the scourge of the elderly, dangerous and reckless blah blah blah…
I guess we just have to get on with it; by the time we’re old enough to stop being victimised and have reasonably priced insurance we’ll be too boring and decrepit to drive properly anyway! So keep modifying and enjoying your cars and whenever you get pulled over by the pigs (as happens me very regularly for having a boys name – thats a whole other story) just make sure you’re legal and remind yourself that they’re probably very unhappy in themselves and have small dicks or something.



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