One forward…many back!? Hmm…


So some will say “Here we go again” lol but unsurprisingly my current car situation has changed again! Initially the plans where to sell the Concept, sort the finances and start again on another MK3 or venture into the MK2 platform and have fun with 2012! But reality would form itself in a 6N2 Polo (which Connor did curse me for…BAH 6N lol). All was grand but it very quickly turned into a bad romance with numerous expensive fall-outs and quite a lot of time apart. Finally the line had to be drawn in the garage floor dust and off it went back to it’s original origin and we parted with an agreeable separation deal lol!

With the dust finally settling the reality of what had happened and the fact that I was back to not having a car just before Christmas wasn’t the outcome of my initial plan! After taking a somewhat gamble upon an unknown I got onto the blower to see what was about! What was more surprising was the fact I was prepared to venture out of my VW comforts!! Before I knew it was now a member of the French camp…and scarily potentially in with the boy racers who melt my head everyday/night in town! …I had bought a Saxo VTR!!

So here’s the deal I have put to myself…the car is pretty much stock and in good shape for the year! So my challenge to myself is to see what potential can be brought out of this French yoke and can we (me and the support of the Shed62 guys) bring this badly looked upon hot hatch forward to a point where it can sit comfortably beside my tent at this years Edition38? Challenge has been put and here’s hoping! …or will I just sell again and play it safe??

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